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We at DK Prime specialize in building wood fences. We are Regina, Saskatchewan’s Premier fence builder! Building a new fence will improve the look of your property, provide wind reduction, noise reduction, and privacy from your nosy neighbours/unwanted people looking into your yard. Our fences have many great features that set us apart from the competition, and our prices are affordable. View our portfolio for examples of our work! Here are some common questions that clients ask:

How deep do you drill your post holes?

The depth of the post holes depends on the height of your fence. For a 5′ fence, will drill a 3′ deep hole. For a 6′ fence will drill a 4′ deep hole. The rule of thumb is that your hole depth is to be 2/3 of your above ground height.


How do you set your posts in the hole?

Every post is set in concrete with a layer of gravel at the bottom of the hole. The post sits on top of the gravel allowing any water that gets in to seep away from the bottom of the post, thus not allowing it to rot. One thing that we do that sets us apart from the competition is that we set every post in concrete. Many companies will just do the corner posts and then use gravel for all the posts in between. It takes longer, but the fence will last for many years!


What colours does pressure treated wood come in?

We offer pressure treated wood fences in 2 different colours (green and brown). The green is the “natural” pressure treated look. Now you can get it in two different colours which has helped add a great look to fences. The brown pressure treated has an amazing look and has been the most popular choice by our clients. Many people have compared the brown to the look of cedar, but of course at a cheaper cost. The brown costs just slightly more than the green, but not enough to turn people away!

How long do you need to wait before painting or staining a new fence?

With pressure treated lumber, you must wait 1 year before painting or staining. If you try to paint or stain pressure treated wood before that, it will often peel or not take to the wood. Reason being, the chemical used in the preservation process. With a cedar fence you do not need to wait at all and can choose to keep the natural look, paint or stain.

How much more does a Cedar fence cost?

It is no secret that a cedar fence costs more than pressure treated. But you get the added benefit that cedar naturally doesn’t rot like other  woods. It is a lightweight wood, and easy to work with. A cedar fence will usually cost 1.5 times to 1.75 times the cost (compared to pressure treated) depending on how you want the factory finish on the wood. The cedar fence boards come in rough, smooth one side, or smooth both sides. Rough being the cheapest and smooth both sides being the most expensive.

Interested in using us as your fence builder?

You can schedule a free estimate with us by visiting our contact us page. Thanks!

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